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About us

Rhino Footwear, a subsidiary of the Alam Group, was founded in January 2009 to produce high quality gumboots for the East African market. Since then it has steadily progressed to become the leading manufacturer of durable, and appealing protective footwear in Uganda.

With our experienced design team, we work to create gumboots that are affordable for our market whilst still meeting international standards. So far, we have 3 types of gumboots, each with exact specifications but all with the same durability and comfort that Rhino has become famous for. We commissioned 2 state of the art PVC injection moulding machines and began production.

In February 2012 we commissioned a third machine to meet demand and launched a new product, the elegant Ballerina ladies shoe. This stylish open toe PVC shoe went through the same research and design process as our gum boots and has had a fantastic reception in the market.

Our quality has allowed us to expand our clientele into Uganda’s neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and South Sudan. We strive towards offering quality footwear at affordable prices and soon we will be expanding our line again.

Mission Statement

To pursue excellence in manufacturing and marketing and provide protective footwear for the common man and professional in the civil and agricultural field.

Quality Assurance Policy.

Rhino Footwear follows a Total Quality Management System which has been structured to ensure all processes are documented and monitored to ascertain that every product manufactured meets international standards.